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Jack Wall humbly backs departs from Mass Effect 3

Legendary gaming composer, Jack Wall, has left the musical helm of BioWare’s epic RPG series, Mass Effect, leaving English composer Clint Mansell some big sweaty space boots to fill.

The first two soundtracks, which Wall wrote with Sam Hulick, Richard Jaques, and David Kates, were widely praised by fans and critics, all of which were hoping for this team of musical mastery to return for a third and final time.

However in a brief interview with Thirteen1, Wall explained his reasons for departing from BioWare, a developer that he has enjoyed working with over the past decade.

“I have had a long and wonderful relationship with the folks at BioWare,” states Wall reminiscently. “Like anything, sometimes a fresh approach is the best. I’m working with new clients now and it feels very different than I think it would have to be working on a third game.”

“(It’s) not that it wouldn’t be great to finish the trilogy, but it’s sort of complicated. You really have to reinvent how you do things when you’re creating something new and having the same people working together for a long period can compromise that mutual desire and effort between a composer and the team.

“Not that I couldn’t have done it, and wouldn’t have put everything into it, but I feel that it’s probably best to take a break from working together. I hope I’ll be back doing something with the very talented folks at BioWare down the line. In the meantime, I’m working on other projects and I’m very excited with how new it feels. I’m learning new things and new approaches that will only benefit my future clients and relationships. Now, that’s a positive thing!”

Wall’s moving onto bigger things, and to be honest he’s leaving now while he’s still on top. To leave the series incomplete will distress a few fans; however, to leave on a high is certainly a good thing.

Wall’s replacement, Clint Mansell, is a strong movie composer with a wide discography, including Black Swan, Moon, and The Wrestler. His most famous piece of music is the powerful Lux Æterna from the 2000 film Requiem of a Dream, though you may remember the rearranged version more – it was used in the trailer for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Jack Wall is an epic American game composer whose credits include Myst, Jade Empire, and of course, Mass Effect.

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