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Developer: Eric Chahi

Release: January 1991

Genre: Cinematic Platformer

Format: PC

Time for a cult classic now with the spectacular Another World, a cinematic platformer adventure game that plunges you straight in at the deep end and makes you work extremely hard to reach the surface.

Developed in 1991 by French videogame designer Eric Chahi, Another World is one of those games that everyone who says they’re a gamer should have played. You are Lester Knight Chaykin, a physicist who has been experimenting with a particle accelerator. During one of his experiments a bolt of lightening strikes his laboratory causing the machine to malfunction and Lester to be transported to a barren alien planet. The game starts straight away, with vicious wildlife, slave trading aliens and natural hazards all out to hurt him.

Since this game was also available on the Sega Mega Drive game, the controls are very straight forward. The skills required to beat this game are quick reactions and a logic approach. A trail and error method can be adopted but this will bore you rather quickly; Lester can only take one hit and when he dies you are taken to the beginning of the level.

The entire presentation of the game is very distinctive for 1991. The mysterious planet looks fantastic with dark sinister colours in the prisons, and bright vibrant colours on the horizon.

Another World: 15th Anniversary has been called the ultimate version of the game by creator Chahi, so if you played this when you were younger you may find a few extra surprises in store. If you’ve never experienced it, do so now!


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