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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman.

Composer: John Williams

Year: 1981

IMBD Rating: 8.6/10

When I was teenager I decided that I wanted to be an archaeologist. My interest in the profession was borne out of my love for the Indiana Jones trilogy. I saw the films when I was a child, watching them with my family. My earliest memory of the series was the climax of Temple of Doom where we find our titular hero on a wooden bridge over a chasm, with alligators below snapping their jaws in hungry anticipation. This scene stayed with me, but it wasn’t until I was a teen that I watched the films again.

(source: filmtakeout.com)

While it’s still a good film, Temple of Doom is the weaker of the trilogy and The Last Crusade is certainly the most fun to watch (Junior!?). However it is Raiders of the Lost Ark that claims the top spot, as it’s clearly the most focused film. It is full of spectacular and memorable set-pieces: the iconic boulder sequence; bringing a sword to a gun fight (improvised by Harrison Ford due to a bout with dysentery); the fist fight in the airfield; the truck chase scene (with random cliffs for vehicles to fall and then explode, or explode then fall); and the melty face finale that terrified a pre-pubescent me. Indy also provided me with some useful tips for dealing with the ladies 😉 (Where doesn’t it hurt?), not bad for a guy who decided to name himself after his dog.

(source: fanpop.com)

With the film approaching its 35th anniversary, I’m hoping that it might have a limited re-release at some cinemas, then I can relive the adventure again. I may have given up the dream of being an archaeologist, but now I’m a teacher which – incidentally – was Indiana’s day job (sort of) .

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Bringing a sword to a gun fight:

Indiana Jones Theme:


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