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Developer: Péndulo Studios

Release: May 2007 (July 2001 Spain)

Genre: Point and Click Adventure

Format: PC

Pack your bags and fasten your seatbelt, because you’re in for one hell of a road trip with Péndulo Studios’ Runaway: A Road Adventure. This point and click adventure game is one for determined and savvy players who enjoy solving genius puzzles.

Runaway tells the story of Brian Basco, a student of physics who has just been accepted to do his PhD at Berkley, University of California. On his departure from New York he accidentally runs over a fleeing girl who blacks out immediately. Being the nerdy gentlemen he is; Brian drives her to the nearest hospital, where she tells him that she witnessed a mafia murder and is now being hunted by two hit men. Brian reluctantly agrees to help her and what ensues is a chase across country, featuring drag queens, one-eyed gangsters and sleepy ghost towns. During this 12+ rated adventure Brian will witness violent stabbings, smoke narcotics and become possessed by angry ghosts – not the best example of judgment by the PEGI rating system.

Runaway is not the easiest of adventure games. Many times the player will be outwitted by puzzles, which actually have ludicrously simple solutions. Excluding the cut-scenes, the graphical look of the game is impressive for 2001 standards, producers have given the game a traditional cartoon look, whilst enabling real-time lighting and shading effects.

This is an adventure game that will annoy and conquer those who are not familiar with the genre, but with perseverance and a ‘let’s do it’ attitude, some could make tracks rather quickly.

Runaway: A Road Adventure is a colourful and cheerful game that quickly turns annoying and difficult due to some puzzles requiring trial and error methods or unthinkable simple solutions. Patience is a must.


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