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Developer: Sierra Entertainment

Release: December 1993

Genre: Point and Click Adventure

Format: PC

Is Gabriel the Dark Knight of the point-and-click genre?

The folks at Sierra truly were the master of adventure games, and it’s no more apparent in their 1993 classic, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. An award winning point-and-click thriller, GK is the first of three instalments in a much loved series from the 90s.

The game follows the exploits of used book store owner and aspiring writer, Gabriel Knight, as he tries to uncover the truth regarding the grizzly ‘voodoo’ murders that have taken place in his hometown, New Orleans. Knight wishes to use the investigation as a basis for a book he’s writing, but he is eagerly drawn deeper into the mystery as the murders have an uncanny link to his nightmares and family history. It’s an immersive plot with some sensational voice talent, including Mark Hamill and Tim Curry. The game plays over a sequence of days; players have to complete a number of tasks in order to progress to the next one and so on. Unlike more recent adventure games, which have context-sensitive cursors, GK adopts the use of ‘dumb cursors’. The player has to select one of several action icons; such as walk, talk, open, and pickup to name a few, and click the object they wish Knight to interact with. It’s a frustrating method, but players will soon warm to it.

The Gabriel Knight series is one of Sierra’s better achievements, and Sins of the Fathers kicks it off brilliantly. Assume your best Sherlock Holmes attitude and enjoy a game of murder and mystery.


This article was originally published in Issue 23 of Thirteen1


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