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Developer: Funcom

Release: April 2000

Genre: Point and Click Adventure

Format: PC

The Longest Journey, that’s no understatement. However, don’t let that discourage you. This Norwegian game is a colourful and breathtaking adventure that is rarely seen any more.

Developed and released by Funcom in 2000, this point-and-click game tells the story of April Ryan, who lives in a parallel universe on a planet, very similar to Earth, called Stark. April believes she has the life of an ordinary 18-year-old student. She has little money, struggles with her art work, and a badly paid part time job. However, recently she has been having peculiar dreams involving another world called Arcadia, where trees talk and dragons fly. As she tries to continue with her seemingly dull life, April finds out that Arcadia is in fact real, and that she is a Shifter who can walk between both worlds. The barriers between the two worlds are breaking, and she is tasked with saving them both before it’s too late.

Funcom have written such an intricate and entertaining script. All the characters are so memorable and well performed that you begin caring about the lives of everyone you meet. Visually, the character models are average, but the worlds are brought to life with rich and detailed graphics. The puzzles don’t put up much of a fight against the average gamer; however one or two can be a little obscure.

The Longest Journey does take a very long time to get into, but please persevere, because it really is worth it. Underneath the magical and complex storyline is an extremely captivating game, with an enormous amount of detail and passion.


This article was originally published in Issue 19 of Thirteen1

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