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Developer: PopTop Software

Release: April 2001

Genre: ConstructionSimulation

Format: PC

Why not start your own banana republic?

We’ll never grow tired of being El Presidente in PopTop Software’s hot simulation game, Tropico. This colossal Caribbean based game gives players the chance to rule like Fidel Castro or revolutionise like Che Guevara.

Set firmly in the Cold War era, Tropico is a tongue-and-cheek management and construction game that requires the player to stay in power of their civilisation. Players can devote time to constructing schools, better housing and healthcare, and boosting the economy. The citizens “Happiness” is a fundamental gameplay factor, if they’re not happy then they may vote you out of office, or even stage a coup d’etat – which is not a pretty site. The satirical elements of the game are ingenious and will have you chuckling from the get-go.

Politics play an integral role to the gameplay. Most Tropicans are aligned into several political factions, including Communists, Capitalists, Religious and Intellectuals. Obviously they all conflict, and pleasing them all is no easy task.

Tropico 2: Pirates Cove is based on the original, but the gameplay is completely different. The player is a “Pirate King”, and rules a pirate island. The objective is to collect as much booty as possible, and the player must kidnap workers, called Captives, to carry out the labour. Not unlike the original, the player must keep the Captives “happy”, otherwise they might try to escape and inform others of your island, who in turn send warships to put an end to your despicable regime.

Both games in Tropico: Reloaded are crude, entertaining, and time-consuming. Pour yourself a Mojito and cause some corrupt mayhem.


This article was originally published in Issue 22 of Thirteen1


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